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Oracle Read By Other Session Wait Event - SolarWinds If two or more sessions request the same information, the first session will read the data into the buffer cache while other sessions wait. In previous versions this wait was classified under the “buffer busy waits” event. However, in Oracle 10.1 and higher this wait time is now broken out into the “read by other session” wait event. Understanding the Oracle Library Cache Pin Wait Event The Oracle library cache pin wait event occurs when the session tries to pin an object in the library cache to modify or examine it. Learn more. SP2-1503 when starting sqlplus (privilege problem) | Oracle ... System: windows 2003 terminal server . Hi, We had this issue on one of our database running on IBM AIX whereby no oracle user was trying to access the database. We followed the metalink note 417067.1 to resolve it. Oracle Solaris Zones Physical to virtual (P2V) | Oracle The ...

In Session 2, insert a row into the parent and child tables, delete a row in the ...... usn<<16 | slot=131104 sequence=8831 obj#=-1 tim=1749514958 WAIT #2: ...

Oracle Некоторые вопросы оптимизации. Процент попаданий в буфер блока данных (кэш данных)- С использованием динамической статистики Oracle, выполнив следующий запросSQL-предложения, подвергающиеся наиболее частым разборам. select sql_text, parse_calls... Недокументированные утилиты Oracle. Часть2 -… Недокументированные утилиты Oracle. Часть2. Источник: all-oracle. Рекомендовано дляOracle Database 11g R1. В первой части статей рассматривались пути извлечения недокументированных пакетов, рекомендаций, утилит и выполняемых модулей из Оракла. Oracle Transaction En-queue Waits and Locked Objects

The lowest impact solution would be to increase INITRANS to an appropriate level. Another solution would be to hash-partition the index; suddenly one really hot leaf block is now 8 or 16 leaf blocks under 1/8th or 1/16 of the pressure.

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enq: TX - row lock contention on dual | Oracle Community

Enqueue Wait events and their descriptions in Oracle ... Enqueue waits events usually causes problems in busy Oracle databases. But oracle online document only have some of them until 11gR2, not sure why. In Oracle Database 10g Release 1, each enqueue type is represented by its own wait event, making it much easier to understand exactly what type of enqueue the session is waiting for. You do not need ... oracle - How to troubleshoot enq: TX - row lock contention ... I have the following situation. I have RAC. On both nodes there are the locks. On the First Node SID EVENT USERNAME BLOCKING_SESSION ROW_WAIT_OBJ# OBJECT_NAME LOCKWAIT SQL_ID STATUS 1 102 enq: TX - row lock contention MYUSER 155 136972 TABLE1V 0000000810EFA958 5f4bzdg49fdxq ACTIVE 2 111 enq: TX - row lock contention MYUSER 155 136972 TABLE1V 0000000810EFAC98 5f4bzdg49fdxq ACTIVE