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The three terms most often used in poker are call, raise, and fold. All three are betting terms. You call when you are going to match the amount of money that was bet by the previous player.

If you are in the small blind position when the betting comes around to you, you can either fold, call or raise. Since the small blind counts as a bet, it is a bit cheaper for you to call. Play online Poker for free | GameTwist Casino Play online Poker for free at GameTwist! 30,000 Free Twists Texas Hold'em & Omaha Free Daily Bonus Play for free now! String Bet and String Raise: Angle Shooting Explained The string bet and string raise are common poker angles, though they are often done by accident. Learn what they are and how to avoid them. Raise Poker Term - Raise It Up - Poker Raising - I Raise

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Poker Math 401: Application of Knowledge - Raise, Fold, or Call Poker Math Lesson 401: Apply your knowledge of our lessons and take the exam; choose raise, fold, or call for each example hand. To Call in Poker - one of 5 Actions Avaliable - Making a call in poker is one of five actions that are available - calling a bet means a player would match the highest bet made by an opponent, to stay in the hand.

Thus, you should probably go ahead and call down, even though you probably are beat. However, many weak-tight players will fold this, which is a disaster if the other player is bluffing or is on a draw. So When to Fold? Basically, there are two major decisions to be made at limit hold'em.

Call. To put into the pot an amount of money equal to the most recent bet or raise. The term "see" (as in "I'll see that bet") is considered colloquial. Calling Station. A weak-passive player who calls a lot, but doesn't raise or fold much. This is the kind of player you like to have in your game. Cap. To put in the last raise permitted on a ... value raise, call or fold? - Medium Stakes Pot Limit and ...

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